Changes to Elk Grove and Maine Township re-assessment deadlines

Re-assessment notices and appeal dates for Elk Grove and Maine townships have changed.

We discovered an error in the re-assessment notices for some condo properties in Elk Grove Township. Our office sent corrected notices with the current values to the 2,516 affected properties (approximately 8% of the total properties in Elk Grove).

Due to the corrected notices, the appeal deadline for all properties in Elk Grove is now May 29th.

Maine Township assessments will be mailed out on May 7th. The appeal deadline for Maine will be June 7th.

Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi releases the office’s 100 Day Plan Report

To read the report on Medium, click here.

View the complete list of 100 Day Objectives and Initiatives PDF here.


First Assessments of North Suburbs Released

In a commitment to fairness and transparency, Assessor Fritz Kaegi promised to release detailed reports on how the Assessor’s Office creates its assessments.

As part of the triennial assessment process, the Northern Suburbs will be re-assessed this year, the South Suburbs next year and Chicago proper in 2021.

Assessor Kaegi has released his first reports, starting with the Norwood Park, Evanston and New Trier townships.

Historical data comparisons can be found here. Additional reports will be released for each re-assessed township and a full accounting of the North Suburban re-assessment process will be released this fall.

The tentative schedule for assessment mailings and appeals for 2019 can be found here.

New Rules For Appeals

The Cook County Assessor’s Office has released new rules for lawyers, tax representatives and practitioners doing business with the Office

For a copy of the rules, please click this link.

New! Check your submitted Exemption status here (by PIN):

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for complete processing.
Exemption (if applicable) will be applied to the 2nd-installment tax bill.

Important Notices

Tax Bills and Payments

The Cook County Treasurer’s Office mails out tax bills and collects payments.
For a copy of your bill and/or payment information, please contact the Cook County Treasurer's Office at 312-443-5100,
or visit their Web site at

Report Erroneous Exemptions

When a property is getting an erroneous exemption you are paying more than your fair share. You can anonymously report erroneous exemptions at .


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