Unique/Letter Properties Listing

The following is a list of unique "letter" properties for the tax assessment year 2017.

Please be advised you will also be receiving a pre-assessment information letter as the mailing date for each town approaches.

This list is subject to change.

Lake View3750 N SEMINARY AVE3750 N SEMINARY AVE5-9014-20-217-032-0000
Lake View3640 N CLARK ST3640 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-030-0000
Lake View3638 N CLARK ST3638 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-031-0000
Lake View3636 N CLARK ST3636 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-032-0000
Lake View3632 N CLARK ST3632 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-033-0000
Lake View3628 N CLARK ST3628 N CLARK ST5-1714-20-225-034-0000
Lake View3624 N CLARK ST3624 N CLARK ST5-1714-20-225-035-0000
Lake View3622 N CLARK ST3622 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-036-0000
Lake View3620 N CLARK ST3620 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-037-0000
Lake View3616 N CLARK ST3616 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-038-0000
Lake View3614 N CLARK ST3614 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-040-0000
Lake View3650 N SEMINARY AVE3650 N SEMINARY AVE5-9014-20-226-008-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-009-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-010-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-011-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-012-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-013-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 5-9714-20-227-002-0000