Unique/Letter Properties Listing

The following is a list of unique "letter" properties for the tax assessment year 2017.

Please be advised you will also be receiving a pre-assessment information letter as the mailing date for each town approaches.

This list is subject to change.

Lyons1 UPS WAY 1 UPS WAY 5-9318-28-300-069-0000
Lyons1 UPS WAY 1 UPS WAY 5-9318-29-400-010-0000
Lyons79 WILLOW SPRINGS RD79 WILLOW SPRINGS RD5-9318-29-401-001-0000
Lyons7901 WILLOW SPRINGS RD7901 WILLOW SPRINGS RD5-9318-29-401-011-0000
Lyons1 UPS WAY 1 UPS WAY 5-9318-32-200-017-0000
Maine3170 DES PLAINES RIVER RD3170 DES PLAINES RIVER RD5-9709-34-300-045-0000
Maine2500 W DEVON AVE2500 W DEVON AVE5-9009-34-300-046-0000
Lake View3750 N SEMINARY AVE3750 N SEMINARY AVE5-9014-20-217-032-0000
Lake View3640 N CLARK ST3640 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-030-0000
Lake View3638 N CLARK ST3638 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-031-0000
Lake View3636 N CLARK ST3636 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-032-0000
Lake View3632 N CLARK ST3632 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-033-0000
Lake View3628 N CLARK ST3628 N CLARK ST5-1714-20-225-034-0000
Lake View3624 N CLARK ST3624 N CLARK ST5-1714-20-225-035-0000
Lake View3622 N CLARK ST3622 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-036-0000
Lake View3620 N CLARK ST3620 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-037-0000
Lake View3616 N CLARK ST3616 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-038-0000
Lake View3614 N CLARK ST3614 N CLARK ST5-9014-20-225-040-0000
Lake View3650 N SEMINARY AVE3650 N SEMINARY AVE5-9014-20-226-008-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-009-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-010-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-011-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-012-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 1-0014-20-226-013-0000
Lake View0 UNKNOWN 0 UNKNOWN 5-9714-20-227-002-0000
West Chicago1937 W WASHINGTON BLVD1937 W WASHINGTON BLVD5-9017-07-426-007-0000
West Chicago0 W WARREN BLVD0 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-426-042-0000
West Chicago1822 W WARREN BLVD1822 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-427-037-0000
West Chicago1840 W WARREN BLVD1840 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-427-038-0000
West Chicago1859 W WARREN BLVD1859 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-427-039-0000
West Chicago18 N WOLCOTT AVE18 N WOLCOTT AVE5-9017-07-431-028-0000
West Chicago1965 W WARREN BLVD1965 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-431-041-0000
West Chicago1963 W WARREN BLVD1963 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-431-042-0000
West Chicago1961 W WARREN BLVD1961 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-431-043-0000
West Chicago1959 W WARREN BLVD1959 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-431-044-0000
West Chicago19 N DAMEN AVE19 N DAMEN AVE5-9017-07-431-045-0000
West Chicago17 N DAMEN AVE17 N DAMEN AVE5-9017-07-431-046-0000
West Chicago1960 W MADISON ST1960 W MADISON ST5-9017-07-431-056-0000
West Chicago1919 W WARREN BLVD1919 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-431-057-0000
West Chicago1845 W WARREN BLVD1845 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-432-001-0000
West Chicago1816 W MADISON ST1816 W MADISON ST5-9017-07-432-002-0000
West Chicago1801 W WARREN BLVD1801 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-432-003-0000
West Chicago1848 W MADISON ST1848 W MADISON ST5-9017-07-432-004-0000
West Chicago1800 W MADISON ST1800 W MADISON ST5-9017-07-432-005-0000
West Chicago1757 W WARREN BLVD1757 W WARREN BLVD5-9017-07-433-015-0000
West Chicago1724 W MADISON ST1724 W MADISON ST5-9017-07-434-024-0000
West Chicago13 S SEELEY AVE13 S SEELEY AVE5-9017-18-104-025-0000
West Chicago21 S SEELEY AVE21 S SEELEY AVE5-9017-18-104-026-0000
West Chicago2024 W MONROE ST2024 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-104-027-0000
West Chicago0 W MONROE ST0 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-104-028-0000
West Chicago1931 W MADISON ST1931 W MADISON ST5-9717-18-200-027-0000
West Chicago0 W MADISON ST0 W MADISON ST5-9717-18-200-028-0000
West Chicago1901 W MADISON ST1901 W MADISON ST5-9717-18-201-035-0000
West Chicago1859 W MADISON ST1859 W MADISON ST5-9717-18-202-037-0000
West Chicago1901 W MADISON ST1901 W MADISON ST5-9717-18-202-038-0000
West Chicago16 S WOOD ST16 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-203-022-0000
West Chicago18 S WOOD ST18 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-203-023-0000
West Chicago20 S WOOD ST20 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-203-024-0000
West Chicago16 S WOOD ST16 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-203-028-0000
West Chicago18 S WOOD ST18 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-203-029-0000
West Chicago20 S WOOD ST20 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-203-030-0000
West Chicago13 S HONORE ST13 S HONORE ST5-9017-18-203-046-0000
West Chicago1806 W MONROE ST1806 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-203-047-0000
West Chicago1811 W MADISON ST1811 W MADISON ST5-9017-18-203-050-0000
West Chicago1809 W MADISON ST1809 W MADISON ST5-9017-18-203-051-0000
West Chicago14 S WOOD ST14 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-203-054-0000
West Chicago1 S HONORE ST1 S HONORE ST5-9017-18-203-055-0000
West Chicago1824 W MONROE ST1824 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-203-056-0000
West Chicago1820 W MONROE ST1820 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-203-057-0000
West Chicago1812 W MONROE ST1812 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-203-058-0000
West Chicago1816 W MONROE ST1816 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-203-059-0000
West Chicago1806 W MONROE ST1806 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-203-060-0000
West Chicago1758 W MONROE ST1758 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-205-028-0000
West Chicago1950 W ADAMS ST1950 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-209-023-0000
West Chicago121 S DAMEN AVE121 S DAMEN AVE5-9017-18-209-029-0000
West Chicago1728 W MONROE ST1728 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-209-032-0000
West Chicago1925 W MONROE ST1925 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-210-033-0000
West Chicago1859 W MONROE ST1859 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-211-039-0000
West Chicago0 W ADAMS ST0 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-211-040-0000
West Chicago1725 W MONROE ST1725 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-013-0000
West Chicago1723 W MONROE ST1723 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-014-0000
West Chicago1723 W MONROE ST1723 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-015-0000
West Chicago1717 W MONROE ST1717 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-016-0000
West Chicago1713 W MONROE ST1713 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-017-0000
West Chicago1711 W MONROE ST1711 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-018-0000
West Chicago1709 W MONROE ST1709 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-019-0000
West Chicago1701 W MONROE ST1701 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-020-0000
West Chicago127 S WOOD ST127 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-213-027-0000
West Chicago1758 W ADAMS ST1758 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-028-0000
West Chicago1756 W ADAMS ST1756 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-029-0000
West Chicago1754 W ADAMS ST1754 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-030-0000
West Chicago1752 W ADAMS ST1752 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-031-0000
West Chicago1750 W ADAMS ST1750 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-032-0000
West Chicago1748 W ADAMS ST1748 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-033-0000
West Chicago1746 W ADAMS ST1746 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-034-0000
West Chicago1742 W ADAMS ST1742 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-035-0000
West Chicago1738 W ADAMS ST1738 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-036-0000
West Chicago1736 W ADAMS ST1736 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-213-037-0000
West Chicago121 S WOOD ST121 S WOOD ST5-9017-18-213-053-0000
West Chicago0 W MONROE ST0 W MONROE ST5-9017-18-213-057-0000
West Chicago1859 W ADAMS ST1859 W ADAMS ST5-9017-18-218-001-0000
West Chicago404 W HARRISON ST404 W HARRISON ST5-9717-16-130-001-0000
West Chicago404 W HARRISON ST404 W HARRISON ST5-9017-16-130-002-0000
West Chicago700 E HARRISON ST700 E HARRISON ST5-9717-16-130-007-0000
West Chicago444 W LAKE ST444 W LAKE ST1-0017-09-306-033-0000
West Chicago444 W LAKE ST444 W LAKE ST1-0017-09-306-036-0000
West Chicago400 W LAKE ST400 W LAKE ST1-0017-09-326-004-0000